First United Methodist Church of Gilmer
Monday, August 21, 2017
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2017-08-21Kaytlin Poe
Please keep the family of Kaytlin Poe in your prayers.  


2017-07-10North Korea
Please pray for persecuted people in North Korea. 
2017-01-21Pray for our military
Please pray for those serving in the military and their families. 


2017-08-14Milta Baugh
Please pray for Milta Baugh as she is recovering at Gilmer Care Center, Room 205. 
2017-05-25Lamon Geddie
Lamon Geddie is going through treatment for an illness.  Please keep her in your prayers. 
2017-04-04Patsy Jean Horton
Betty Wallace asks for prayers for her friend Patsy Jean Horton, who has medical problems.  
2017-01-26Billie Stevenson
Prayers are needed for Billie Stevenson, who has health problems.